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Additive Manufacturing Equipment Financing
First Steps and Considerations

The leasing process begins with the selection of equipment.  As you select equipment, you do more than choose machinery that serves your immediate needs.  You also are making a strategic decision:  you are going to depend on that equipment for the term of your lease.  You may want to review our brief discussion of equipment selection before you decide on a particular model or configuration.

It is advisable to consider the end of lease options when entering in to a lease agreement.  To help you structure the most effective lease from its inception, we suggest you review our overview of ways to extend a lease or upgrade the leased equipment to obtain the best possible value and greatest flexibility.

When initiating a lease request or credit request from NCP Leasing, you will need to provide a financial picture of your company If your company is privately held, you will be asked to provide both personal financial statements and tax returns.

All lease agreements and related documents are available for your review in the Our Documents section.

NCP's strengths are creativity and flexibility.  By understanding the equipment and financial requirements of your company, we can provide a variety of lease alternatives to ensure your success.

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